Royal Blood & Turbowolf - Pittsburgh, PA

Live review at STAGE AE, Pittsburgh, PA

Opening bands often have the difficult task of keeping the attention of a room full of people who have never heard of them. Bristol-based Turbowolf seemed to navigate these waters almost flawlessly, captivating the American audience from the minute they stepped on stage. Between their energetic set, throwing out free shirts, and handing out their own stickers while meeting fans after the show, I don't think anyone in attendance will be forgetting about them. 

Never having watched a live video of Royal Blood, I naively told the security guards not to worry about a crazy show. However, a few songs and mosh pits later, they were busy catching crowd surfers. Two-man bands aren't common, but there is definitely a reason that those who gain popularity manage to do so. Despite being quite far apart from each other, they had a dynamic stage presence, combining mesmerizing performances with casual banter. Sounding just like the studio recordings, if not better, made their performance absolutely electric and shows how they turned into the global music megastars they are today. Any fan of live music needs to see Royal Blood.

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Contributor: Hannah Marie / @hmariephoto