Gerry Cinnamon - Erratic Cinematic


Like so often is the way, I didn’t fully appreciate Gerry until I saw him live for the first time. And that will do it. You can not listen to his album, Erratic Cinematic, without seeing Gerry’s beaming smile and hearing the audience's football like chants that follow him wherever he strums that guitar. The album is a back of the van journey from town to town, sell out show to sell out show. His vocals are like pitched harmonics as they double up and collide on tracks such as What Have You Done and Belter (great name for a song). I am now a Gerry Cinnamon fanboy. Don’t miss out seeing him in a small venue before you’re too far back to see that infectious smile up close. 

Contributor: Matt Spracklen / @MattSpracklen